How to Dating With Herpes Online?

Posted by | 2/2/2018

Even though a lot of people believe that herpes is an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease), there are chances for you to go through it due to a lot of reasons. It is a group of virus diseases; herpes viruses lead to the growth of such virus diseases. The group affects either the skin of the person, or his nervous system.

Before I give you tips on dating with herpes, I would like you to know a few facts related to this disease, so that you understand the seriousness of this problem and don’t keep it hidden from your partner or date:

dating with herpes

• If you are planning to have sex with your date or partner, I would want you to know that herpes is contagious; for a few minutes of enjoyment, you would make your date suffer, along with you.

• Almost every second person in the United States of America has herpes; the worst is that most of the people don’t know about it themselves.

• If you think oral sex during herpes is safe, let me tell you that there is something known as ‘oral herpes’ as well, in which an individual has cold sores in his mouth. When someone with oral herpes gives oral sex to his partner, there are chances for the partner to go through the problem, too.

• You can’t blame the dirty toilet seat for your genital herpes; if you have genital herpes, there are chances for you to have received it from your partner.

• Genital herpes can actually spread to different parts of your body, depending upon the way you take precautions and keep yourself ‘clean.’

• If you take stress, you are bound to get herpes again; stress also slows down the healing process of this virus.

• If you go through genital herpes, there are chances for you to suffer from HIV in future. It is better for you to get yourself treated as soon as possible and keep yourself away from physical pleasures, if you really don’t want to suffer more or make someone else suffer.

• Depending on the severity and recurrence of genital herpes, you may not be able to produce children in future.

Now that you know how serious this disease is, don’t even think of spoiling someone’s health and life for your physical pleasures. I don’t say that you can’t date someone, if you have herpes, but if you really care for that person, you have got to tell him about the same.

You may have a lot of questions in your mind; let me answer the most important FAQs when it comes to dating with herpes:

Should you tell your date about your ‘herpes’?

By all means, YES! You must tell your date about your herpes issue, even if you are on medicines. There is no way in which your date doesn’t deserve to know this. If there is anything that can risk the health of either of you two, he must know about it. Dating with herpes is possible, only if you don’t hide anything from your date. If you really want to be open to him, this is your best chance. This way, you would win his trust as well and, if he is an understanding person, he would surely understand it!

When should you tell your date that you have recently had or have herpes?

I can’t comment on the best time to tell your date about herpes, but if he insists on kissing or making love to you, it is time for you to let him know that this is not the right time! If he understands your situation, he would respect your decision because by disclosing this with him, you not only mean to protect yourself from recurrence of this disease, but also protect him from being infected. Even if you are a man dating a woman, feel free to disclose your herpes problem with her. After all, she is your date and she deserves to know why you refuse to make out with her!

There is one more thing that I would like to suggest to all those, who wish to know about dating with herpes; don’t wait for your partner to start the spark by getting physical with you; it is better for you to inform him right before you go on a date with him. Texting he or she about the same is also fine, in case you want to avoid the reaction.

How to tell your partner that you have recently suffered or are suffering from herpes?

This is something that you really need to work on a lot no doubt you can’t die from herpes, unless some major problem has taken birth in your body, but herpes is a very serious and major virus. Therefore, you need to break the news by keeping in mind a lot of things.

The best way to tell him about your herpes problem is by starting the topic. When you both are sitting together in a nice open park or facing each other while sipping on some hot coffee, shoot it!

But before you tell him or her about your herpes disease, try taking the view of your date. Once the topic starts, it is better for you to ask a question to him or her; something like ‘have you ever had herpes?’ always does the trick; if your date says yes, it is probably the best time for you to share your problem. If your date has been through this issue, you are bound to receive at least some sort of understanding from him or her.

How to handle the reaction of your partner, after you disclose about your ‘herpes’ issue to him?

Once you have broken the news to him or her, be prepared for a weird reaction, especially if the understanding level between the two of you is less. There is no way in which you can explain the entire thing to your date, unless he or she is extremely understanding!

If your date has been through a similar problem, consider yourself lucky; people, who have been there done that are bound to understand your herpes disease in a much better way. In fact, your date might sympathize with you!

How to convince your partner to trust you and not leave you, due to herpes?

Dating with herpes is extremely common; if your herpes scares your date away, don’t feel bad about it; I hope you have heard of the saying – those, who can’t handle you in your worst, don’t deserve to handle you in your best! If your date truly loves you and is genuinely interested to build a nice relationship with you, he or she would never leave you alone. In fact, this is the time when you should be stressing yourself less; with the help of a supportive date, you can get through this quickly.

Dating with any sort of a health issue is no big deal, unless you don’t tell the truth to your date. When you go on a date, you are bound to get into some sort of a physical contact. In fact, there are so many people, who make out on their first dates; avoid any sort of a sexual contact with your date, if you are dating with herpes.

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