2018 Best Herpes Dating Apps Reviews

Having herpes can be a daunting thing for every person who suffers from it to have a date with normal people. If you are like many other people, you’d agree that world have not yet given the fair communities for those who are living with herpes, genital warts, HPV, and STD. It is also understandable that dating with herpes or other STDs can be a challenging factor for everyone. However, if you, by chance, are the sufferer, or the folks who have this specific interest, there are some communities which will help you. Thanks to niche dating sites for STDs, you will no longer get rejected by other people. In these communities, you can find the right person to date without any hassle. Often you don’t have time to turn your PC on because you are on the go. No worries, here we will show you the collections of best STD dating apps so that you can interact with attractive herpes people while on the go.

  • TOP 1:Postive Singles

    Positive Singles have over 1 million users around the world. It can be said that it is one of the most prominent STD dating apps in the world. The mobile app of Positive Singles help folks who live with STD condition to discover others whom they are suitable with based on not only the same fate they experienced, but also on the different factors like interests, preferences, lifestyle, and many other factors. Read More>>


    positive singles IOS apppositive singles google app

  • TOP 2:MPWH

    MPWH is the abbreviation of Meet People with Herpes. As the name suggests, the app is specifically designed for folks living with STD who want to date online. Other sites probably are more general and sometimes can be confusing for folks with herpes. But not like this site. MPWH app is purposely created for people with herpes. Read More>>

    mpwh IOS appmpwh google app

  • TOP 3:HIFT

    Hift App is there for folks who have herpes, cold sores, oral herpes, genital warts, and other STDs. It is one of the most renowned niche dating apps available for iOS and Android. Since the app was introduced, Hift has gathered many “gifted” people around the world to join the community and improve their love life.

    Thanks to the user-friendly features of the app, many people are encouraged to use it to meet people with STDs and share common minds and interests. If you are like many of these people,
    then this app is the right option for you. You can become a free member to enjoy basic features. However, you will need to be a premium user to enjoy the advanced features.

  • TOP 4:HOPE

    HOPE app, as the name suggests, give hope to folks who have just learned that they suffer from herpes or another STD. It is not the no.1 herpes dating site, and they don’t claim that too. However, it does have strong community in which folks who share the same experiences gather. Not to mention tons of great features and resources that you can get for free. Yes, you are right! It is completely free! If you are still new to this, we’d like to suggest you to check the Speed Match feature. This feature will speed up your searching process. In no time, you will find potential matches.